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Company Profile

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  Jiujiang FUIONSUN Technology Co., Ltd was founded in May 20, 2014 and it is located in 26km Jiurui Avenue, Gangkoujie Town Jiujiang County, Jiujiang City Jiangxi Province. Jiujiang FUIONSUN Technology Co., Ltd is attach to Beijing Weifeng Precision Tool Co., Ltd. The carbide sawblades production and sales is the main business of company. They have professional technicians and application specialists to guarantee the carbide sawblades production. 
  All equipment and materials were imported, such as German VOLLMER grinding machine, Luxembourg CERATIZIT carbide sawtooth, German SANDVIK carbide sawtooth and Belgium BrazeTec sandwich soldering lug, and German ThyssenKrupp steel plate. We provide prefessional detection device for  VONT® and Zhenfeng ® saw blades with the stable, high-quality and high-precision.
  VONT® and Zhenfeng ® products are characterized with safe use, accurate cutting size, bright and clean cutting surface, high efficiency, long service, and impact resistance; and have been well praised by the customers since they are listed for ten years. They are applied to the sawing and processing of wooden products (including wood, artificial board, shaving board, density board and laminated board), aluminum products (including architecture aluminum profile, aluminum pipe, aluminum bar, aluminum plate, and other industrial aluminum profiles), copper products (copper bar, copper pipe, and special-shaped copper products), metals (round bar and pipe), and acrylic products.

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Time of issue:2019-05-24 00:00:00
Jiujiang FUIONSUN Technology Co., Ltd.
Mainly engaged in the production and sales of carbide saw blades; the company has professional alloy saw blade technical personnel and alloy saw blade application experts, which ensures the rigor of product production, and has higher scientificity and applicability。
Tel:0792-6950033  13911106346(Manager Xu)
Address: Gangkoujie Town, Jiujiang County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province


Time of issue:2019-05-24 00:00:00
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